Not Bad for a First Timer

In November of 2014 I decided I was bored. With only 3 more semesters left in my undergraduate degree, I felt unsatisfied in my experiences. I had accomplished a lot no doubt. I was in fact proud of everything I had said yes to and the person I had become – no regrets. But I wanted more. I believe it is very important to challenge yourself. If we are not growing or learning we are not living. So there I was asking myself, what else is there?

Rewind to September 2002 - I was a third grader. We watched as Katie Harman not only wowed the judges with her amazing vocal performance, but took home the crown as Miss America. I watched in awe. Miss Oregon won. The place I was born! Just one state over. For the first time the dream of competing in Miss America seemed tangible.

It was that moment that popped into my head during my boredom. I began to ask myself, “Why not?” There were many fears.  I knew I did not know anything, or frankly anyone in the Idaho pageant world. I knew people would tilt their heads. “Why the heck is she doing pageants?” I knew it would take some financial investing. I knew it meant some sacrifice of time…and Chickfila nuggets. Failure was one thing I wasn’t scared of, and that’s what convinced me. The only failure to be scared of was not trying. And thus there I was, sending in my first pieces of paperwork with two weeks to go until my first pageant.

The point of this blog is not to blab about my whole pageant story, although I would be happy to share it with you over coffee or tea some time. This is indeed just a small sliver of my thoughts. No, the point of this blog is to say that when I thought I had nothing else to learn at my position in life the Miss Idaho Organization pushed me further.  In the most humble way, I want you to see that someone who is actively involved, loves public speaking, has a large and vast community service resume, and blah blah blah can STILL be challenged immensely through this program.

I know you have heard a million times that “we are not just stupid beauty queens”, but it is the truth. This group of women is incredibly driven and passionate with purpose. And that is where my brain has been flipped over and shaken up. I have always known that I have wanted to change the world. My hope is that everyone who comes in contact with me has a little better morning, day, or life because of that occurrence. I yearn that those who are around me feel comfortable and accepted the way they are. My wish is that because of my fiery spirit and loving nature that they will be inspired to conquer and claim something incredible. But never in my life before working to compete in Miss Idaho 2015 have I ever been challenged to know “how”. I guess you always think a magical fairy tale will happen and you will find yourself feeding starving children in Africa or something. But through every titleholder, past titleholder, director, and board member I began to realize I had to claim that fairy tale. I did not have to wait. In fact it seemed almost selfish to wait. The world was waiting, and I needed to deliver.

Want to know my how? I hope you all will join us on June 19th and 20th as I strive to make my positive mark on our beautiful state and hope to begin to change the world through the title of Miss Idaho.

Taylor Lance
Miss Tri-Counties 2015

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