Girl's Retreat

Last Friday, Miss Tri Counties, Laura Hampikian, had an opportunity to speak with a groul of middle school and high school girls about her experience with unhealthy relationships and to talk about my platform, healthy relationships. This was her second year attending the event, "I was blown away once again at the dedication of the mothers who put on this event, and the sincerity that the girls had as they listened to my story."

The event is put on by a group of mothers and volunteers in Potlach and Princeton. They put on an overnight retreat where the girls get to open up and talk about all kinds of things. Everything from makeup to friendships to relationships to manners is addressed through a series of inspirational speakers and workshops. Laura said, "It is such an awesome idea for small-town Idaho that I kind of wanted to kidnap it and make it my own! But no one could put it on like these volunteers do. They’re awesome."

Before she began talking, Laura had the girls write down anonymously any questions they had about relationships. She promised them that she would not share the questions they asked with anyone, but Laura was blown away at the seriousness of the questions that were asked. Laura said, " I often have parents ask me, 'Isn’t middle school too young to start educating our kids about relationships?' After hearing the questions that were asked, I think it was clear to everyone who heard them that it is indeed necessary that we address these issues at the middle school level and then continue on through high school. Thanks girls for opening up about these issues. I think that you really were able to help each other out."

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