Seeds Sprouting Up as Part of Healthy Diet

By Tetona Dunlap -

"Emily Hosman of Buhl uses flax daily. Hosman is a student at Brigham Young University studying exercise science with an emphasis in wellness and science. She also represents Twin Falls in the Miss America Organization as Miss Canyon Rim. Hosman said she started to use flax seed after learning she had Candidiasis, a fungal infection caused by yeasts that she said had made it difficult for her to lose weight.
“It’s really common and there’s a lot of women who have it, but don’t know it,” Hosman said.
Since incorporating flax into her diet, Hosman said she has lost weight.
She said flax seed is a low carb, high protein, nutrient dense food that she incorporates into her meals all the time now.
“It has a fairly neutral taste,” Hosman said.
She likes to mix flax seed in her peanut butter and vanilla shakes.
Hosman also uses flax meal because she often craves bread. Instead of milk she uses flax milk, which Hosman said tastes like watered-down milk."
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