National Pancake Day

What do Crowns, pancakes, and fundraising have in common? National Pancake Day. It isn't just a day for free pancakes at IHOP. It is a day to help raise money for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Miss Southeastern Idaho, Kayli Schwendiman spent time at her local IHOP raising funds and meeting everyone coming in. She was there to help raise funds but also to encourage other volunteers and let them know how much they were helping. 

Kayli said, "All of them were so excited when I told them that they were helping to raise money for kids who were sick and needed some help. All of them loved my crown and wanted pictures with it."

Beyond that, she was able to reconnect with a girl she had met at one of her previous appearances. "One of girls [with the cheer leading outfit on] was actually at a previous event I had done in August and she was so excited to be there with me. I ended up eating dinner with her and her mom and we had a great time eating, looking at her cheer leading pictures, and having her try on my crown."

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